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Vehicle Service Contract from Hoehn Motors

Our Hoehn Motors team created a vehicle service contract with you (and your wallet) in mind. We all know the benefits of having a factory warranty, but what happens when that warranty runs out? The Mechanic from Hoehn Motors is a mechanical breakdown service contract designed to keep you from paying out of pocket for future unexpected repairs.

Each year, more and more sophisticated technology is built into vehicles to improve their safety, performance, comfort, and value. These same innovations increase the vehicle’s reliability. However, if something does go wrong, the necessary repairs are often complex and costly. To protect your vehicle investment against these financial shocks, we offer a selection of Vehicle Service Contract coverage plans that give you uninterrupted coverage on covered parts and labor for up to five years and thousands of miles after the basic factory warranty ends.



Choose from three different levels of comprehensive coverage plans to keep your vehicle protected while you own it.

Housing/case and all internal lubricated parts including: rack and pinion equipped valve assembly, sector shaft, rack mounts and cushions, inner rod ends and bellows boots, speed sensor or steering gear equipped pitman shaft and valve assembly, sealing rings, bearings, bushings, pitman arm, center link, tie rods, idler arm, power steering pump and pulley, fluid reservoir, pressure and return hoses, cooler and hard lines, power cylinder assembly, steering main and intermediate shafts, coupling, fasteners for the components listed above. (Does not include “rear wheel steering” components)
Front Suspension
Upper and lower control arms, bump stop cushions, control arm shafts, torsion bar mounts and bushings, upper and lower ball joints including: dust boots, steering knuckle (spindle), wheel bearings and seals, stabilizer shaft, stabilizer linkage including: mounts and bushings, strut rods and bushings, king pins, fasteners for the components listed above.

Master cylinder, assist booster, wheel cylinders, combination valve, disc brake calipers (and rear caliper actuators), hard lines and fittings, backing plates, springs, clips and retainers, self-adjusters, parking brake linkage and cables, fasteners for the components listed above.

Seals and Gaskets
All seals and gaskets on the assemblies listed in Engine, Transmission, Front Wheel Drive, Rear Wheel Drive, Steering, Front Suspension and Brakes.

Alternator, voltage regulator, front and rear windshield wiper motors and delay controller, starter motor and drive, starter solenoid, wiring harnesses, manually operated switches (specifically turn signal, headlight, dimmer, and wiper switches), mechanically actuated switches (ignition, brake light, and neutral safety switch), electronic fuel injection system (including all input/sensors and output/control units, except EGR valve, related to the fuel injection system), electronic ignition module, distributor and coil, engine management control unit, knock sensor and oxygen sensor.

Air Conditioning
Compressor and mounting brackets, clutch and pulley, condenser, evaporator, orifice tube, POA valve, accumulator, temperature control programmer, high/low pressure cutoff switches, high/low pressure hoses, pressure cycling switch, thermostat, drier, temperature control head, o-ring seals, gaskets, fasteners for the components listed above and freon-refrigerant if necessary in conjunction with the repair of the components listed above.

Additional Components

  • Anti-lock brake system
  • Power seat motor(s) and transmission(s)
  • Power window motor(s) and power regulator(s)
  • Power door lock actuator(s)
  • Digital and analog instruments display(s)
  • Low fuel sensor, low coolant sensor and low oil sensor
  • Electronic rear view mirror motor(s)
  • Headlight door motor(s)
  • Heated back glass
  • Windshield wiper wash pump(s)
  • Heater A/C blower motor, heater core assembly and heater control valve
  • Radiator, radiator fan and clutch and radiator fan motor including fan blade
  • Temperature sensor and relay
  • Fuel tank and hard lines, fuel tank sending unit
  • Power sun roof motor
  • Convertible top motor
  • Constant velocity joints
  • Horn assembly
*Coverage under Power Train, Silver and Gold Coverage Plans is limited to only those parts and components described in this brochure. Parts not listed are not covered

Platinum Coverage is our elite plan specifically designed to provide unparalleled coverage – especially for vehicles that are well equipped. The Platinum plan provides you with the most comprehensive coverage available and yet it is easy to understand. Platinum is “exclusionary” coverage which simply means if a component is not listed below under “What is Not Covered (Exclusions)”, then it is covered. The list of exclusions is minimal and consists mostly of maintenance related items. with the ever growing vehicle complexity, you will find Platinum provides comprehensive coverage for your vehicle and protects you from unexpected and expensive repair bills. Platinum coverage is the ultimate choice for your peace of mind.

The Platinum Coverage Plan Includes:

  • All on board computers, sensors & relays
  • Compact Disc player*
  • Radio assembly, speaker system & antenna*
  • Anti-theft system*
  • TV, VCR & DVD systems*
  • Navigational system*
  • Manual and power retracting seat belt assemblies
  • Air bag assemblies & sensors
  • Frame & actuating mechanism
  • Convertible top frame & latches
  • Emission components (after federal emission warranty has expired)
  • Heated windshield
  • Steering wheel & integrated controls
  • All rear wheel steering system
  • MacPherson struts
  • Adjustable shock support
  • Rear suspension control arms & bushings
  • Torsion bars, coil springs & leaf springs
  • Tire pressure sensors
  • All rear view mirrors & remote cable actuating mechanisms
  • …And much, much more!
*Factory Installed
Nationwide Protection Coverage Nationwide Coverage
Each plan is effective anywhere within the United States of America, Alaska, Hawaii and Canada. You are covered even if you are traveling or you relocate. You are always covered. If a repair cannot be made by your Hoehn dealership because you are away from home or have moved, you can receive service from a national network of more than 6,000 authorized service centers.

Maximum Benefits Maximum Benefits
There is no per-visit limit and no yearly limit on the number of claims that can be made.

Emergency Roadside Assitance Roadside Assitance
Towing, fluid delivery, flat tire, and lockout and battery assistance is just a phone call away at 866-603-5420.

Affordable and Convenient Affordable & Convenient
This economical coverage can be included in your monthly loan or lease payment.

Your Choice of Coverages Your Choice of Coverages
You have a wide choice of protection that you tailor to your needs by choosing the years, miles and coverage plan that best suits your vehicle and driving needs.

Transferable Coverage Transferable Coverage
All coverage plans are fully transferable if the remaining portion of the original manufacturer warranty has not been reduced or voided.

Maintenance requirements You are required to maintain your vehicle in accordance with the Vehicle Service Contract provisions. You are required to retain copies of all maintenance receipts during the term of the Vehicle Service Contract. Exclusions and limitations apply. See Vehicle Service Contract for details.

1. What is a vehicle service contract?
Many new vehicles come with a 3 year / 36,000 mile Original Equipment Manufacturer’s Warranty. This is what is known as the “underlying” manufacturer’s warranty. A Vehicle Service Contract is a contract that provides coverage that goes beyond the 3 year / 36,000 mile limit of the manufacturer’s warranty. You are assured that for a specified amount of time and/or mileage, the parts, labor and sales tax (if applicable) required for replacement or repair of covered mechanical systems in your vehicle will be paid.

2. What if I trade-in my vehicle?
When you are enrolled in our program, you have coverage throughout the ownership of your vehicle. If you decide to trade in you vehicle, simply contact us and we will calculate a pro-rated refund. The refund is based on mileage and the amount of time the policy is in force, minus a nominal cancellation fee. This ensures you will always be protected.

3. What is the original manufacturer’s warranty?
The ‘Original Manufacturer’s Warranty’ is the initial warranty that is provided by the manufacturer for a new vehicle. For most Manufacturers, the “Original” warranty is limited to 36 months or 36,000 miles whichever comes first. Also, most US manufacturers also provide a warranty on all federally mandated emission’s components for 5 years or 50,000 miles and a corrosion warranty for 6 years or 100,000 miles. The purpose of the Manufacturer’s warranty is to ‘guarantee’ that the brand new vehicle you just purchased has no manufacturer defects.

4. Why should I choose The Mechanic from Hoehn Motors Mercedes-Benz over the others?
The Mechanic meets or exceeds all of the standards that you would expect from a quality, financially stable Vehicle Service Contract Company. Our promise is that we will represent your interest for the life of the contract. This advocacy can be very important when you have a problem. Additionally, our Roadside Assistance, Car Rental and Travel expense benefits are all part of one insured contract.

5. What benefits are offered?
All of our automobile protection plans include roadside assistance for the life of your contract. This includes car rental reimbursement and travel interruption protection all part of one insured contract.

6. Does The Mechanic cover parts and labor?
The Mechanic covers 100% of all covered components, parts and labor charges less the deductible.

7. What is the procedure if I have a claim on my vehicle?
Simply take your vehicle or have it towed to the nearest licensed repair facility. After they diagnose the problem with the vehicle, they will call the claims administration department and receive repair authorization for all your covered repairs.

8. How do I enroll my vehicle in one of The Mechanic plans?
You can call us at (888) 799-1145. Or, come into one of our locations to find out more information.

9. I have not had any problems with my vehicle so far. Do I really need a Vehicle Protection Plan?
Every vehicle on the road is open to the possibility of a mechanical failure. The older the vehicle gets and the more miles that are put on it, the more likely a breakdown is. It makes sense that the manufacturers’ warranty is only there to protect you for a limited amount of time. Components such as computer-related items could fail regardless of your driving habits. With the complexity of vehicles today one major repair often costs more than the Vehicle Protection Plan itself. A Vehicle Protection Plan will be there for you when you need it the most once the manufacturer is no longer there to protect you from high repair costs.

10. Why buy it now? I’m still covered by the manufacturer.
The earlier you purchase your vehicle protection plan, the less expensive it is. This is just like life insurance. The older a person is the, more expensive the insurance. As your vehicle ages and accrues mileage, the price for protection rises. Prices may also increase due to increasing labor and parts prices. It simply makes sense to lock in today’s low prices and protect yourself from tomorrow’s rising repair rates.

11. If my vehicle is out of the manufacturer’s warranty, can I still get coverage?
Even after the manufacturers’ warranty expires on your vehicle, you are still eligible for a vehicle protection plan. A vehicle inspection by a Hoehn Motors Mercedes-Benz dealership is required before The Mechanic can be purchased. Any pre-existing conditions discovered during the inspection must be repaired before The Mechanic can be purchased. Please see one of our Hoehn Motors Mercedes-Benz representatives should you have questions.

12. Do you have a payment plan?
Yes. See one of our Hoehn Motors Mercedes-Benz representatives to discuss the available payment plans.

13. What if my vehicle breaks down and I am not near my home?
Nationwide Protection Coverage is effective anywhere within the United States of America, Alaska, Hawaii and Canada. You are covered even if you are traveling or you relocate. You are always covered. When a repair cannot be made by your Hoehn Motors Mercedes-Benz dealership because you are away from home, you can receive service from a national network of more than 6,000 authorized service centers. We also offer Emergency Roadside Assistance including Towing, fluid delivery, flat tire, and lockout and battery assistance is just a phone call away.

14. Where is my Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)?
Your VIN can be located in several places.
Your VIN is printed on your Vehicle Registration card
Your VIN is printed on your vehicle Insurance card
Your VIN number is stamped on a tag on the dashboard near the windshield.
Your VIN is printed on a sticker that is attached to the driver-side door edge just below the latch.

15. When my plan expires, can I get a new plan?
As long as your vehicle still meets the current underwriting guidelines you can purchase additional coverage.

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